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Design Sofas. Hop on over to create your perfect sofa or bed today. Designer Möbel von SOFACOMPANY zu fairen Preisen aus eigener Produktion.

Modern Khaki Leather Sofa Set 44L6042
Modern Khaki Leather Sofa Set 44L6042 (John Lamb)
Thank you for visiting Lox Design. Design Sofa is a specialist sofa manufacturer. Sofa Design Gallery is an independently-owned furniture store serving the homeowners of Sherman Oak, CA.

Discover our fantastic range of design furniture and homeware combining quality and affordability.

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Providing the best sitting solutions for your living room. "COLMAR" Corner Sofa. So einfach definiert sich elegante Ästhetik mit individuellem Anspruch. Design sofas with blunt lines: high feet sofas or with basement; very large armrests or even without arms.