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The Minimalist Home Book. The book is divided into twelve sections. A minimalist home, to them, is a boxy white house with almost nothing in it, and if you do happen to find a chair or sofa somewhere, it's going to be really So that's how I've written The Minimalist Home—with everybody in mind.

Simple Bookshelf that Use Book as a Book End – Minimal ...
Simple Bookshelf that Use Book as a Book End – Minimal ... (Willie Medina)
Written by a wide variety of minimalists, these books discuss homes, closets, finances, and even parenting to help readers learn more. Minimalist hues can add the illusion of space. Find a copy on Amazon (affiliate link).

My favorite authors on this subject are The Minimalists, which is why the first two books listed here are authored by them.

There's a reason the minimalist trend has been so popular among interior designers and design enthusiasts alike for so long.

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The goal with minimalism in design is to reduce an object (such as a structure or an item of furniture) down to its bare essential elements. What characteristics define this "less is more" minimalist design It's the simple, honest detailing and simple materials that make minimalism so appealing and why we enjoy creating minimalist spaces - because we appreciate. It's got you covered for tidying up your entire home, not just the office.